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Check out our place!


We know how important it is to our customers to know where their pets will be staying! Come by and we will show you around!

Call or Come By!


Give us a call to work out a good time for you to come by and check out our facility, or just stop by during business hours.



Multiple sized kennels are available depending on your dog's needs. Up to 3 dogs are allowed per kennel for a base fee of $33 to $40 dollars depending on size, and $25 for each additional dog. All kennel buildings are air condition/heated.  

Play Yards


Play time is important! We have 5 large, fenced-in play yards located outside each kennel building where your dogs will be let out at least 5 times a day. Each kennel building is divided by size, that way Fido is playing with friends compatable with him. You also have the choice to board multiple dogs in the same kennel, if this is the case they will be kept together.

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