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 For the safety and well being of everyone's pets, we require all animals be up to date on vaccinations! Vaccination records must be provided upon entering our facility. For more information on required vaccinations check out our 'About Us' page!

  • 0-15 lbs - $33 a day

  • 16-30 lbs - $35 a day

  • 31 + lbs - $ 40 a day


  • Checkout before noon pay for

  • 1/2 day.

  • Check-in after noon and pay 

  • for 1/2 day





  • Each additional dog in same kennel (up to 3 dogs) - $25

  • Bath with Boarding - $20

  • Administering medications - $2 a day





Now booking grooming with Torri please call

512-688-1753 for appointments.

For booking with Serge please call 508-617-3466

For baths and Nail trims without a haircut please

call 512-863-8855. 

Spa Services

Regular Spa Day - $55

Included: Play Day, Bath, Teeth,

Ears, Glands, & Nails

Premium Spa Day- $70

(deshedding shampoo, conditioner, and Furminator

added to regular spa day)

Other Services

  • Nail Trim With Dremel- $18

  • Anal Glands - $18

  • Furminator - $20

  • Bath and blow dry

    • under 30 pounds $25

    • over 30 pounds $35

  • We use premium shampoos and 
    conditioners. We carry a variety
    of different shampoos for different
    coats. Ask about the different options. 

Doggy Day Care


Walk-ins welcome!

Monday - Friday: Gates open at 8 am and close at 5 pm

Doggy Day Care is $20 daily per dog

                            OR purchase a punch card for $150 ($50 savings)












Castlerock Pet Hospital
Castlerock Pet Hospital located directly across the street!
Meal Time
You are encouraged to bring your own pet food. We can provide food for your pet. The daily cost for us to provide food will be:​ $3 a day

Splash Yard

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